Monday, November 1, 2010

Rate- Compares two quantities measured in different units.
Example $10 per 100g

Ratio- Compares two or more quantities measured in the same unit
eg. apples to oranges, 2:3

Porportion- A relationship that says that to ratios or rate are equal


  1. Filmon, next time upload the video not just the words. And go easy on the color.

  2. Good start Filimon. Next time try to finish it off by adding the original Sesame Street video and your remake, also an example for proportion and a title for your post. I like how you added colour but try not to over do it.

  3. Good job Filmon, next time add the video and try not to use the colour yellow because its kind of hard to see the words. Anyways Good job .

  4. Good job, Filimon !
    You could have made a video?
    I like how the words are different colors. Don't use yellow next time, it's hard to read.