Monday, November 1, 2010

Scribe 3

I chose to do Scribe 3 Show You Know Page 84 and Page 85 Questions 3,7,12,14.

Show you Know:
Determine the side length of a square with an area.


3.The factors of 36 are 1,2,3,4,6,9,12,18,and 36.Use words and/or diagrams to explain how you know which factor is the square root of 36.

7.Write the prime factorization of each number.Identify the prefect square.

12.Determine the square of each number.

14.Determine the side length of a square unit with a area of 900cm2.

REMINDER:Test tomorrow,study roots,perfect squares,and square numbers!


  1. Good job Roemer! I liked your pictures, and use of colour, it was also clear. I noticed you spelt perfect wrong, "prefect", next time review your post. Otherwise, great job!(:

  2. Good Job Roemer!! It was neat, colorful, and helpful. I also agree with Olivia you did spell perfect wrong it's in the orange typing. Good Job!

  3. Good Job Roemer! I like how you change your colour and sizes of your letters.I agree with Nils that you spelled perfect wrong, but overall Good Job

  4. Nice job Roemer! I really like your use of colour except for the green because it was a little too bright. Your pictures were nice and clear as well. Thanks for the reminder of the homework! Keep up the good work! =)

  5. Good job Roemer .. I like how you change the colour of the font but some colours are to hard to see. Excellent Job and thanks for the homework reminder .

  6. Excellent job Roemer! , I really liked your use of different colors , however what others also said , You should try to re-read your work before pressing publishing , to make sure there isn't any mistakes or mispelled words. Other than that you did a awesome job , Keep it up! (:

  7. Great job Roemer! I liked how you used different colors. I also liked the pictures that you added. Keep it up! ^_^

  8. Nice job Roemer! I liked how you used a alot of diffrent colors, and reminded us about our homework. But for a suggestion next time dont use that light green and make your lettering all the same size. But overall very nice job Roemer !

  9. Good job, Roemer :) I really liked how you used different colors. The pictures were really great as well. Keep it up

  10. Good Post! I like how its colorful and that you added pictures, but i think some of your pictures are a bit to small otherwise good job!

  11. Great job Roemer! I liked the colour and how you explained how you did the questions. I understood them perfectly. However, I think you found out the square root instead of finding the square, for one of the questions. But good job!