Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sam's Pythagras Scribe post

Answers to 3, 8, 11, 16.

3. Kendra is wrong because 'p' is the hypotenuse.

8. If the triangle shown in the text book is a right angle than hypotenuse should be 60cm² because 20cm²+40cm² =60cm² .

11. a² + b² = c²

(6x6) + (5x5) = 8x8

36cm² + 25cm² = 61cm²

61cm² = 64cm²

-Since 61cm² does not equal 64cm² it is not a right triangle.

16. a² + b² = c²

(12x12) + (20x20) = c²

144cm² + 400cm² = 544cm²

√544cm² = 23.32cm

-Baldeep can be sure his box can be square by measuring the hypotenuse.


  1. Nice work, Sam ! But you spelt Pythagpras wrong.
    For number 3, you could've explained further and shown your work. Add a little color to your posts, so you can catch the readers attention.

  2. Good job Sam!! Next time you should use colors so it makes it more outstanding.

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  4. Good job Sam! You could've put some colors to make it more beautiful. Next time you can also put some pictures to make it more understanding. Keep it up!