Thursday, November 4, 2010

Homework , November 4th 2010

Homework :
Show you know #1
A triangle has side lengths of 12 cm , 16 cm & 20 cm.
a) What are the area of the three squares that can be drawn on the sides of the triangle ?
b) Is the triangle a right triangle ? Explain

Show you know # 2
The side of a right angle triangle is 9 cm , 12 cm & 15 cm
a) sketch a picture of the triangle. Draw a square on each side of a triangle .
b) what is the area of each square .
c) write an additional statement using the areas of the 3 squares .


  1. Great start. Could you answer the questions or help us out with how we could answer them?

    Great start

  2. Good job Lara. To improve you post I think you should go with Mr. Harbeck's suggestion and include the answers to the questions. Also, I think you could use more colour.

  3. Good Job Lara!. I agree with Mr. Harbeck you should have answered the question but your post was neat.

  4. Good job Lara. I too agree with Mr. Harbeck, you should include the answers to the questions. Also, you should have had capital letters at the beginning of the different questions.

  5. Good job Lara. It saved us some time to not go to the website of our textbook. However, you could've added pictures to show what the triangles look like.

  6. Good job Lara! I think you need to add some pictures to show the shapes and I agree with Mr.H

  7. Good job, Lara.
    Mr.Harbeck's right, next time you should answer the questions for us to understand.
    You could've added more detail to it.

  8. Good Job Lara, Thanks for the reminder. I agree with Jayvee, that you sloud put pictures. Again im agreeing to Mr.H . One last thing ill say is that the post needs some more detail.