Monday, November 15, 2010

Using The Phythagorean Relationship.

* How far does 2nd base throw to home base ?
The following picture shows the line from 2nd to home making a right triangle.

a2+ b2= c2
(27x27) + (27x27) = c2
729m(squared) + 729m(squared) = c2
1458= c2
✔1458cm(squared)= ✔c2

38.18m= c

The following picture shows a right triangle. Find h/ c .

a2 + b2= c2
(6x6) + (10x10) = c2
36cm(squared) + 100cm(squared)= c2

136cm2= c2
✔136cm(squared) =✔c2
11.66cm= c

The following picture shows a right triangle. You are only given r & t. Find s.

a2 + b2 = c2
20(squared) + b2= 52(squared)
(20x20) + b2 = (52x52)
b2= 52(squared) - 20(squared)

b2= 2704- 400

b2= 2304 cm(squared)
✔ b2= ✔2304
b= 48cm

The following picture shows a right triangle. You are only given b and
c. Find a.
a2 = c2 - b2
a2 = 9(squared) - 4(squared)
a2= 81cm2 - 16cm2

a2= 65cm
✔a2= ✔65cm
a= 8.06 cm

Page 103 and 104 .

Questions 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Question 1:
Jack must determine the side length of a right triangle. He decides to draw it, and then measure it, as shown. Do you agree with the method that Jack is using? Explain .

I agree with the method Jack is using, because once he knows what the two side lengths are, he can find the hypotenuse.

Question 2:

Kira calculated the missing side length of the right triangle.

Is Kira correct ? If she is correct, explain how you know. If she is incorrect, explain the correct method.
Kira is not correct, because she forgot to do this part:
194cm(squared) = y2
✔194= ✔c2
13.9= c


  1. good job allison! Next time you should probobly use spell check though- base has an 'e'.

  2. Great job Allison! I like the colours you used to emphasize words, I also like the pictures you made, they made the post more interesting to read. Next time, though, I suggest you check over your spelling because you misspelt a few words such as "Pythagorean" in your title and "base" from the first question. Also, in some of your pictures, the font is kind of small and is harder to read, next time try to make the font larger. Other than that, great job! Keep up the good work!:)

  3. Good Job Allison! Your pictures helped me understand the questions and they where very colorful, but two of your pictures where a bit small and hard to read. Your post was neat if your wondering how to make a squared sign its Alt 253. You spelled "base" wrong and also "Pythagorean" so next time check over your work, GREAT POST!(:

  4. Excellent job Allison! :) I really enjoyed reading your post because there were a lot of pictures and you had a good use of colour. However some of your pictures were quite hard to read. I agree with all your answers. Keep up the awesome work!

  5. Superb!LOL,great job Allison!I like all the pictures,because they were all so colorful,but like how they said,"base" and "Pythagorean" wrong.But,other than that,it was done well!

  6. Thanks for the feedback, everybody ! I'm glad that I did a good job. And I also fixed my spelling :)

  7. Great job Allison! I liked the colour and the pictures! I understood what you did very clearly. Good job!

  8. Good Job Allison, I really like your pictures and you used proper colors. Your post is very understandable and neat. Great Job !