Monday, November 1, 2010

Scribe 1

Show You Know; Page 82

Write the prime factorization of each number. Which number is not a perfect square? Explain how you know.

a) 45 b) 100

Page 85

Question #1:
Explain how to square the number 7.

To do this, you would take the number 7 and multiply it by itself once.

Question# 5:
5. a) Determine the prime factorization of 4.
b) Is 4 a perfect square? Explain.
c) Draw the square and label its side length.

Question# 10:
Determine the area of a square with each side length.
a) 20 b) 17

Question #16:

Tomorrow, we will be having a math quiz all about square numbers, roots and perfect squares! To know what to do, you must have all math pages complete because it will be based on the textbook work.

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  1. Great post Melanie! It was organized and looked neat. I liked your pictures, they were great. You have a picture where you used yellow, maybe next time don't use yellow or make the font bigger because that picture was a bit harder to read, also, maybe next time add a video, otherwise, good job!(:

  2. Awesome Job Melanie! This scribe post was colorful and detailed and I think you did exactly what you were supposed to do. Keep it up!!

  3. Good Job Melanie! It's so organize and colourful. Also I like how you add pictures in your scribe. Keep it up

  4. Good job Melanie! The post is organize and neat. I liked your pictures. i do agree with Olivia not to use yellow as a font colour . Anyways Keep up the good work .

  5. Great job Melanie! (: , I really liked your organization & neatness in your scribe. Keep up the Awesome job! (:

  6. Good job Melanie! I liked how it is colourful and organized. Keep it up!

  7. Great Job Melanie ! I liked how kept it sraight and focused on what we had to read. And good job with your colors. And like what olivia said you shouldmake your font bigger, and dont use yellow. But over all very nice job !

  8. Great job, soulmate :) I really liked how you made pictures for each question, to explain it. I also liked how you changed the colors of the font. Keep up the good work !

  9. Great post Melanie! I liked how you used different colours to make your post more fun. I also liked the diagrams because they were really neat and the lines and all that stuff were all very, very straight and easy to understand. You also changed the fonts alot to make it really exiting. Through your blog you also explained what we did clearly. Anyways, Great job.

  10. Great Job Melanie! I think your post had everything we did that day and its very neat, I also like how its colourful and that you added pictures to explain. Good Job

  11. Aaawwesome job Meelaanie! I liked how you explained everything you did clearly. I understood everything you explained and now I understand it better myself. Good job!