Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nikki's Pythagoras Scribe Post

5. a) What is the area of each square attached to the legs of the right triangle?
answer The are for A (6cm) is 36 cm2. B (8cm) is 64 cm2.

b) What is the area for the square attached to the hypotenuse?
The answer is, The are for the hypotenuse is 100cm

c) What is the length of the hypotenuse?
The length for the hypotenuse is 10cm2.

8)The side view of a ramp at the Grocery store is in the shape of a right triangle. Determine the length of a ramp, to the nearest centimeter.

502+2002 =c2
(50 times 50)+(200 times 200)=c2

11)The right triangle below has a square attached to the hypotenuse. What the perimeter of the triangle. Give your answer to the nearest centimeter.

The answer is 72.2

14) What are the length of b and c?Write your answer to the nearest tenth of a meter where appropriate.

The length for b is 4m. The length for c is 7.2.

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