Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Square Units

What you have to have on your green fold-able .
On one side .
Rectangular Prism : one cube with a net and a rectangle with a net .
Triangular Prism : 3 different triangles with one net for each one .
Opposite sid
e .
Rectangular Prism

  • all rectangular prisms have 6 faces
  • opposite sides of each face are equal
  • There are 3 views , TOP , FRONT and SIDE

otal Surface Area

+ Also , make sure to add today's homework to the rest of the space on that back side .
Today's Homework


  1. Good job Lara! You included the notes from that class, you also changed the font colour, added pictures, and included a link. In your first picture you should have made the colour of "S" darker because it was blending in with the white background, also you should have made the font for "lateral area" bigger because it is quite small and difficult to read. The same goes for your numbers in the second picture. Other wise, good job! :)

  2. Great job Lara, your pictures clearly show the work that needs to be there and also you put the notes we wrote in class. You used the colours well and it was neat and simple. For improvement I do agree with Olivia, you should have made the font for "lateral area" bigger because it's kind of hard to see.

  3. Great Job Lara, you had great pictures and the notes of class that day. The pictures were very clear and easy to read. You used a variety of colours so that it wouldn't bore someone. You should have made 'lateral area' more noticeable just like what Olivia said. Other than that, great job!