Thursday, March 24, 2011

Roemer's Term 2 Reflection

This term we learned about percents. I found percents easy because I fund it easy and I think I will do good on the final exam. Also, we learned about Surface Area and Volume. Surface area and volume are our almost exactly alike. Only difference is on surface area, you want to find thetotal area of the shape, but in volume, you only have to find the "inside" area.I found this struggling in the beginning, but not anymore. With a little practise, I got much better. Math is usually one of my strongest subjects, but this term, I think I only got average. Next term, I will work 110% harder by completing homework, and getting better score test.

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  1. Roemer I liked how your post is colorful and all but the color yellow was a bad choice as some readers may have problems reading it and may have to highlight to see it clearly. I suggest to change the color yellow and everything will be fine but overall this reflection was alright! Keep it Roemer :)