Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lara's Great Big Book Of Integers

Chapter 1 Grade 7 Integer Review
  • Positive and Negative. When they are combined it makes a zero pair
  • Number lines can be used
  • "When subtracting something that isn't there, use a zero pair
  • you can find Integers by using chips or making a number line with negative numbers and positive numbers.
  • To represent Positive or
    Negative you can color them differently, With Red being Positive And blue being Negative.

Chapter 2 Multiplying Intergers
The sign rule:When you a even number of negative numbers, the Answer is always Positive
When you have an odd number of negative factors, the product is negative
* Remember that Usin
g number lines can also help you

Chapter 3 Dividing In
Partative division: when knowing how many groups there is & finding how many items are within each of those groups making equal parts.

Chapter 4 Order of Operations with Intergers
** i'm going to add a picture later at home.

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