Monday, March 7, 2011

Term 2 Reflection


Term 2 Reflection
This term was very busy. I really liked this term because it a had a lot of subjects I easily understood like volume, surface area and percent.

I felt I did well in volume because I almost got all of the tests and quizzes correct. It was really easy for me to understand volume. I had no problem knowing that volume is the space and object takes up. To find the volume of a rectangular prism you multiply the length x width x height. To find the volume of a triangular prism you multiply base x height*2/2 x height*2. Finally to find the volume of a cylinder you multiply π x r x r x h.

One thing I struggled with was understand and drawing nets for total surface area. I got confused with the different parts like top, bottom, and sides. I sometimes didn’t know what the lateral area was. I instead used formulas because I could memorize them.

Next term I will continue to do my homework regularly so I can understand the subject clearly. If I’m given two methods to solve a problem I will practice both methods so I will have many different tools to help me succeed

Here are a few things we learned this term

•We learned that percent means “out of 100.”
•Area is how much is needed to cover a shape
•Total surface area is how much is needed to cover a 3-D shape.
•Volume is how much space a 3-D shape takes up.


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