Monday, March 21, 2011

Kevin's Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 Reflection

I think this term was a really good one because it had most of my favourite subjects in math such as Percent, Surface Area, Volume.

What I did well was on the subject Volume, the reason I did good on it was that I really thought it was cool finding the space an object takes. For example to find the volume of a Rectangular prism the formula is V=L x W x H. The other formulas for finding the volume of triangles and cylinders are (for Triangles) B x H1/2 x H2. For the cylinders it is V = π x r x r x h then substitute.

The subject I had the most trouble on was the Surface Area nets. Nets were like the abomination of humanity for me. It was like tasting burnt marsh mellows for the first time, in overall I disliked it sooo much.

Now volume, I have to say I LOVE VOLUME!! Volume was like ice cream cake, it was so easy for me because it was formulas. Formulas are like cookies and milk plain and simple. There is so many things I remember for example the formula for finding volume a circle is V= PIxRxR. Another formula I remember is the formula of a rectangular prism which is V=LxWxH.

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