Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Term 2 Reflection


Term 2 Reflection

  • What did you do well on,
  • Where did you struggle and
  • How will you do better next term?
  • What did you learn about percent, surface area and volume?

On Term two I think I did pretty well on our math quizzes and unit tests and that’s because I started to really do my homework on the textbook that really made it easier on me when we had a test.

I really struggled on our online math homework, and my report card said I did too. I struggled on posting scribe post homework on time, commenting as much on the blog, and I was also lacking in scribe posts.

I will do better by doing more work online on the blog because that part really killed my mark for math. I posted some scribes late and never really commented and I decided to do all that more often.

I learned plenty of things about percent, surface area and volume. I learned that percent means out of 100 and is another name for hundredth. For surface area I learned about the area of a 2D and 3D shape. I learned a lot from volume, I learned how to use the formula properly.

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