Friday, March 11, 2011

Term 2 Reflection


For term 2, I think did well on finding volume because i knew how to find the answer. The thing I struggled on was finding the surface area of a cylinder because I couldn’t remember the formulas and i kept leaving steps out. To do better next term I will try to finish all of my textbook homework on time. When it comes it percents, surface area and volume, I forgot how to do percents because I was doing textbook work about it in the Philippines and I wasn’t so sure if i was doing it right. I’ll need to revisit that again. But for surface area and volume, I learned the formulas on how to get the correct answer.

The difference between surface area and volume is that surface area is the area of a flat surface or the outside layer of an object and Surface area is two dimensional. While volume is the amount of space it occupies in an object and it is three dimensional.

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