Thursday, March 24, 2011

Filimon's Term 2 Reflection

This term with Mr. Harbeck was not a perfect term for me and my grade. I did not do my homework and he yelled at me. I had I lots of fun at Surface Area. I don’t remember what I got for the test and quiz’s, but I had lots of fun even if might of not got perfect grades. Surface Area was fun because I had to fall to get better and I did get better. I did not get AMAZING, but It was decent. I got a 60 something on math, I wanted to do better in math but I just find math boring. Learning area and integers is OK but I never saw the need to use it in the future, because I am probably not going to be a math related worker one day, but if I am will want to learn it in College.Even though I don't like math as much as much as Gym or L.A, bu I can be enjoyable. Thank You for reading my reflection.

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