Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Victoria's Term 2 Reflection & Audioboo

Term 2 Refection

Term 2 was not the best for me, thought that I did my total surface area better then everything else because I was able to complete and figure it out easier then the other things we did in term 2. I also had trouble with volume on cylinder and triangular prisms. Next term I will try to do better on my multiplication and to understand Mr. Harbeck more when he is teaching, and to ask way more questions. Another thing have to do better on in term 2 is to try and figure out problems on my own. I percent i learned about b x h divided by 2. And i also learned how to get the percent right for percent. In the area of volume with cylinders I was not to successful with my answers and getting them right, I would always get the formula wrong when I multiplied. The difference between surface area and volume is that, surface area is finding the area and volume is finding the volume of a shape.


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