Friday, March 25, 2011

Ryan's Term 2 Reflection

I enjoyed the second term, because most of the units we did was very simple and easy for me. Although I didn’t do that well in quizzes/tests, volume and surface area was fun. It was easier for me to solve these kind of problems, because all I had to do was follow the formulas. These types of problems, were like an incomplete puzzle, where you knew what to do to complete them, and you would have to find each value of the formula, to subsitute them in. However, percents were a bit confusing for me. Other than the hundred grids, I did well. My only trouble with the hundred grids, were that if you needed to represent a number such as 0.06 percent, would you have to draw a “zoomed” version of a square, which was out of 100 squares? This confused me because there seemed like a much more simple way to represent that, without finding an equivalent fraction. Overall, I enjoyed the units we did this term, more than the units we did last term.

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