Thursday, March 10, 2011

Term 2 Reflection


This term I feel I did well on finding the volume of rectangular prisms and cylinders. I got the hang of the formulas quite quickly. I also think I did pretty good on the tests and quizzes but I definitely think that there’s always room for improvement. One thing I struggled in was finding the volume of a triangular prism, not that it was hard for me or anything, but sometimes I would forget to divide by two so I would get the wrong answer. Another thing was combining percents because it was a bit tricky especially when the number had a decimal. I would like to comment on the blog more often next term because I usually get lazy and forget about it. I would also like to participate more in class and communicate with my peers about the work we’re doing. I learned a lot about percents, volume and surface area this term such as how to find them, and the different things you can do with them. I learned how to combine percents and how to find the volume and surface area of three dimensional shapes. I also learned how I could use them in different situations.The difference between volume and surface area is the fact that volume is the amount of space an object takes up while surface area is sort of like the wrapping paper of the object, it’s the outside.

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