Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lara's term 2 Reflection

What did you do well in this term?
In term 2, I did really well on finding Surface Area in shapes using the net method that Mr.Harbeck showed us. In term 2 I also did well on finding volume in Rectangular prisms, Cubes and Cylinders.
What did you struggle on?
In term 2 I struggled on a few things. Some things that I struggled on were finding the volume of a triangular prism, Due to the confusing formula. Also I struggled on commenting on the blog.
How will you do better next term?
Next term, I will try to do better on my blogging by commenting more often on blog post. Also next term I will concentrate more in class and try to put my hand up to answer a few questions.
What did you learn about percent, surface area & volume.
In term 2 I learned many things about percents, surface area and volume of different shapes. In percent I learned that every percentage is out of 100, And to find a percent you have to use division. In surface area,I learned that every shape has an outline of it, For example, a cylinder is made of a rectangle and 2 squares. In Volume I learned that every shape has a certain amout of volume within the shape, no matter what size it is, there’s always a volume within the shape.

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