Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nikki's Percent Post

Sorry for it being so late. Just chose a 4 questions from page 142-143.

4. Use mental math to answer the following:
a) 20% of 60%
20x3=60. So the answe of 940r is 12.

b)250% of 400%
My math shows 250% of 400 is 1000%.

c)10.5 % of 100%
I came up with is 10.5% out of 100%. My answer is 10.5.

5.Determine the percent of each number. Give your answer to the nearest hundredth.
a)2/5% of 325%
2 Thirds of 325 is 1.3% repeating.

b)15 1.4% of 950%
I got:
15 1.4 of 950=144.88%

c)175% of %125.50

7. Two Hundred tickets are being sold at a school draw.
a) What are your chances of winning the ticket? Explain with a percent.
So you have one half of a chance of winning your school draw ticket.

b) How many tickets would you need to purchase to have a 2.5% chance of winning?
You would have to buy 5 tickets to be able to have a 2.5% chance to win the school draw.

14. 4% of 100% is the same as 8% of what number? Explain how you arrived at your answer.
4% is half of 8%. 100% divided in half is 50%.

Sorry for not explaining all of my work.

Here is a short video reminding you how to CALCULATE percents.

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