Monday, March 21, 2011

Karen's Term Two Reflection

For term 2 I think I did well on finding the volume on rectangular & triangular prisms and cylinders because I enjoyed working with the formulas and I remembered them quickly. My struggle at the beginning was surface area, I probably would have done better on my surface area test if I made sure I did my homework right because it was easier for me when I found out how to do it the right way. On percents I think I did okay and the main struggle was my lack of effort on the blog, I did things last minute and did not comment as much as term 1. For next term I will do better by doing my textbook and homework book work on time, I will also participate as much as I can on the blog and also do some extra activities to prepare for any quizzes or tests. I learned how to use the formulas properly on volumes and for percents I learned finding the gst and pst taxes and I learned how to work mathematically with 3d shapes for surface area.

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