Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Question 1.

The average male has 15% body fat. If Jack has a mass of 79 kg how much of it is fat?

Jack has 11.8 kg of bodyfat.

Question 2.

Last year the bombers averaged 25 200 fans per game. This year attendance dropped 4.9% what was this years average attendance?

This year 1234.8 fans attended per game.

Can someone help me with Question 2. I need help with the grid, I wasn't sure what to do.


  1. Good job, Ishaka !
    I got the same answers as you. And I like how you changed the color of fonts and added pictures.
    For the question 2 grid, I colored 4.9 % .

  2. Good job, Ishaka! Thanks for posting this, it really helped me because I kind of made a little mistake on #1. Anyways, keep it up.

  3. Nice job Ishaka! I liked how it was easy to read and neat. But next time you should maybe add a link to a video. Or to add some more color. Overall very nice job.